Vapor Couture L’Essentiel Kit

The Vapor Couture line has been made just for women. There is a combination of technology where the V2 e-cig’s are combined with poised designs and chic accessories. All of the flavored cartridges can be customized and can also be a mix and match with the batteries. The uniqueness of these cartridges is that all of the cartridges are “jewel-tipped” and all of the batteries, except disposable e-cig, are rechargeable. In every product in the Vapor Couture line are presented as a tasteful and premium product that appeals to women.

Vapor Couture CouponEvery e-cig cartridge and battery come in four different color shades and also come in six different flavors. Each flavor has been specifically hand picked in order to appeal to a woman’s taste. The L’Essentiel Kit is an enhancement in the Vapor Couture line. Everything that comes in this kit includes: 2 batteries, 2 five packs of flavored cartridges, one charger kit and one manual. The necessities are very attractive in this custom kit. The batteries and cartridges can be chosen from four different color shades, but only two shades can be used for the battery and cartridge. The four different color shades include: deep purple, rose gold, brushed platinum and the signature logo pattern. When mix and matching comes into play it can either mean that the battery can be one color and the cartridge can be another color. The other choice can be that the battery and cartridge can be the same color. Each color shade comes with a different “jewel-tipped” color end.

The six flavored cartridges include: Rodeo Drive, Bombshell, Passion Fruit, Fresh Mint, Strawberry Champagne and Artic Mint. Every cartridge has a distinctive flavor. The Rodeo Drive is a full american tobacco that has a strong tobacco taste. The Bombshell flavor is a Turkish tobacco that is a blend a a rich tropical blend that is smooth and also hint of seasoned flavoring. The Fresh Mint has a strong and refreshing menthol flavor with a hint of “sweetness”. The Passion Fruit has a sweet and rich tropical flavor. Strawberry Champagne is a very refined tobacco flavor that has hints of strawberries and also a very concise champagne flavor as well. Artic Mint has a satisfying peppermint flavor. When using the charger kit, there is a internal chip installed in the charger so that when the e-cig is done charging the charger will shut off automatically. Currently there discounts being offered with these great coupon codes at